The Cuckoo (thecuckoo) wrote in involvedviewers,
The Cuckoo

A couple of requests.

1) Perhaps the most important. I have to be up at 4:30 AM tomorrow for a business trip. I normally get up at 7 AM. So in order for me to function, I will be going to bed very early tonight. Would anyone out there be willing to write down the commercials and email me a list? I can do the research into websites and contact information myself, as usual, but I could really just use the names of the products. You can email me through my LJ address [just click the little "head" by my username to get to my info page. It's there.]

2) As I'm sure you all are aware, we're entering sweeps. This is a GREAT time to send in those letters. So if you haven't sent a letter yet, this would be the week. If you have a VM friend who likes the show and you haven't asked them to join the campaign, this would be the week. You get the idea.

Y'all are the best.
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