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More efforts for a VMars 3rd season.

Help Guarantee Veronica Mars Gets A FULL 3rd Season

Greetings, Over at cloud_watchers there's a new campaign brewing. The idea is THINK BIG, this time with DVDs rather than airplanes.

Latest Idea: Get Veronica Mars Season 1 DVDs into libraries in all 50 states and the top 100 Nielsen markets. This new idea can't happen without the entire fandom's help though. Please join in, and make this slightly wacky campaign happen!

Why: The fact that our show got renewed at all was pretty amazing -- VM was one of the lowest rated shows to ever get renewed by a major network. As a result, Veronica's ratings will probably be closely watched by TPTB as it starts its 3rd season. If the ratings aren't substantially improved, they might cut back the number of episodes. Or worse, cancel the show altogether! Let's try to keep either of those things from happening.

How: By getting as many VM S1 DVD sets into as many libraries as possible. Thanks to earlier group efforts we've already donated more than 150 DVD sets to libraries in 25 of the 50 states (plus DC!) and 28 of the top 100 Nielsen markets. Help make it all 50 states, all 100 Nielsen markets, and hopefully at least double the number of total sets. More new viewers mean better ratings, which mean more new episodes guaranteed, which means good news for all fans. Plus, we'll be supporting local libraries, (good for everyone), and individually donated DVD sets are tax deductable, (good for you)! Also, if we can get a large number of sets donated -- a BIG, splashy number -- we could do an official press release. Media outlets that wrote about the airplane stunt might also write about our DVD campaign. And we all know, press for VM is always a good thing, especially as the show debuts on The CW.

If You Think This Is An Idea You Can Support, Spring Into Action:

- Join Cloud Watchers and check the DVD Phase III: Think Big! thread. It has details about which states and Nielsen markets still need DVD sets.

- Call a library that's still in need of a donation and find out if they'll accept a donated set into circulation. - If yes, go out and buy a set, give it to the library you contacted, then come back to Cloud Watchers and let everyone know where you donated. The total sets donated # will be updated!

OR - If that sounds like too much work, donate to the group fund and other VM fans will happily do the calling and leg work for you.

OR - buy some VM themed swag from the Cloud Watcher's Café Press store. (100% of donations and profits from the store will go back into the DVD campaign and related efforts.) (If you can't afford to purchase DVDs or donate cash, please consider donating some time. We still need help calling libraries to see if they'll accept sets into circulation.)

AND Finally - please pimp this campaign in your journal, community, website... basically everywhere fellow VM fans hangout. The more VM fans working on it the better! There's even a fan made banner in the comm to help you do that.

Now, some clarifications: The Wall Street Journal first reported some incorrect information about our airplane campaign -- we did not spend $4000 on the plane. While Cloud Watchers did manage to raise over $5000, only $1,800 was spent on the plane. The rest of the funds were used for several different projects -- all aimed at helping VM get renewed-- such as an earlier DVD drive and care packages for TPTB/VM-friendly press. For a complete breakdown on the facts and figures of the campaign, please visit the budget thread at Cloud Watchers. If all of VM's fandom bands together, who knows what we might be able to accomplish? Help guarantee all VM fans get a FULL 3rd season.

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