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involvedviewers's Journal

Supporting shows through seeing ads
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Well-loved television shows with lower ratings often require drastic support. To that end, we suggest a novel campaign to "save our shows."

We are going to watch the commercials.

Networks set ad rates based on the number of viewers. However, there is a growing literature around the idea of the involved viewer. A viewer who engages strongly with a show tends to engage more strongly with the ads that are shown there. Often, those shows which are most on the bubble are precisely those which score highest on engaging the viewer (and are therefore more of an asset to the network). However, network executives often need proof of that.

This community provides a forum for fans of certain shows to prove those shows are both engaging AND lucrative for the networks. We will track which companies sponsor those shows most often, and write to the heads of sales and marketing at those companies. This will express our appreciation for their sponsorship and (where reasonable and demographically appropriate) suggest that we will use their products. The networks receive copies of those letters throughout the season. This should help extend episode orders and possibly avoid cancellation.

At the moment, our primary focus is on "Veronica Mars," but we will be happy to consider other shows for this treatment, in accordance with the rules below.

Community Rules

1) Any show that regularly places in the top 20 of the Nielsen rankings (as listed on Yahoo, Zap2it or other sites) is ineligible for letter campaigns. If you wish to use this method to support such a show, please do so in another community. Posts in violation of this rule will be removed immediately.

2) Posts after an episode's airdate must include the show name, episode title, and airdate. Other information (the name of the channel/affilate viewed, the list of commercials, and relevant mailing addresses of companies and networks) should be placed behind an LJ-cut or in the comments. There will be only one thread per episode. In the case of reruns, the poster should edit the original entry with a second LJ-cut, or updates may be made in the comments.

3) The primary purpose of this community is to faciliate the mailing of letters in support for the show. Therefore, episode commentary and analysis is better served in other forums. If discussing some minor point in the comments aids a viewer in writing a letter that week, that is acceptable, but the moderators reserve the right to freeze or delete comments that go too far afield.

4) We expect any letters issued from members of this community to be polite and properly edited. This is on the honor system, but it's also just a good idea. Requests for "letter beta readers" may be made in comments to the post for the episode.

5) Every member of the community deserves respect. Posts and comments that do not meet that standard will be removed immediately.


involvedviewers supports and encourages the work done at vm_campaigns and suggests this post as a good starting point.
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